04/04/2002, 16:28

Guerreiro departs Anatel


Renato Guerreiro resigned as director-general of Anatel on April 1. Addressing reporters and colleagues at a farewell press conference, Mr Guerreiro said he was leaving for personal reasons and had no plans to enter politics. He will focus on building up an independent consulting business and looking after his wife, who is unwell. He advised President Fernando Henrique Cardoso of his decision to resign in November but agreed to wait until a substitute was found for Francisco Perrone. ?I have never aspired to be the communications minister or sought any other office,? he said, responding to speculation that his departure might be motivated by disappointment on that front. Relations with Communications Minister João Pimenta da Veiga had been ?formal?, he said, thanking the minister for his support at difficult times such as the introduction of competition in domestic long distance. Antônio Carlos Valente, deputy director-general, should take his place in the hot seat, he said. Noting that Anatel is hiring more market professionals, economists and lawyers to complement the engineers and telecoms specialists already on board, he said this can only be positive for the agency and the industry. Asked whether he agreed that this is a delicate time for him to resign, he responded that a calmer time is unlikely between now and 2005. ?Many challenges lie ahead. There is no such thing as the most appropriate time for a decision like this,? he said.


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