Início Pay-TV Net Brasil offers new programming selection to all affiliates

Net Brasil offers new programming selection to all affiliates

The major packaging overhaul negotiated by Net Brasil with programmers won?t be exclusive to the DTH segment, although it?s already been announced by Sky. All Net Brasil franchisees are contractually entitled to the same programming, so some cable operators affiliated to the Net system will presumably begin offering the new packages soon. Net Brasil has just dispatched a letter advising affiliates that the selection is available. It?s the same as Sky?s, albeit under different names: Net Família, Net Esportes, Net Filmes, and Net Total. The suggested prices are also very similar to those announced by the DTH operator. Another difference is that subscribers to Net affiliates who don?t want to change can stick with the Master or Advanced package.
The question is how many cable operators will adopt the new model, and when. Generally speaking the cable segment has welcomed the change, particularly the uncoupling of movies and sport. But not all will be in a position to launch the new sales policy immediately. Some can?t afford the marketing cost, while others haven?t encoded their networks and a few may not see this as the right time for strategic reasons.
All eyes are now on Net Serviços, far and way the largest Net Brasil franchisee. It?s highly likely to offer new packages too, possibly including variants not available from Sky. But because this strategy is part of a restructuring plan under negotiation with creditors, Net Serviços won?t announce it now. Once the banks have accepted the overall plan, probably at the end of March, Net Serviços will announce its new sales policy.



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